Make Your Own Christmas Tree This Year!

Posted by Bob Bawden on 12/3/2018 to Create
Would you like to do something a little different this Christmas? Tired of using the same tree every year? Why not visit our site and collect the pipe and fittings you want and need to make your own Christmas tree? Read this post to find out more!

How to Use Snap Clamps with Your Furniture Grade Structure

Posted by Bob Bawden on 11/12/2018 to Create
Snap clamps are brilliant fittings for use in your furniture grade DIY! Whether you are a photographer or a parent making a blanket fort for your kids, this blog post is for you!

How to Make a Structure

Posted by Bob Bawden on 10/5/2018 to Create
The first thing you need to do before you become skilled in furniture grade PVC DIY is make sure you know how to make structures using the pipe and fittings of this range. Today, we are keeping it simple by going through how to make a structure, but it is a vital lesson you need to learn before you move forward to more complicated things!

The Furniture Grade PVC Range of Colours

Posted by Bob Bawden on 9/17/2018 to Create
In order to make your design as creative as possible, we supply our furniture grade range of PVC pipe and fittings in multiple colours - and even more are available to special order!

Making a Laptop Stand out of PVC Pipe

Posted by Bob Bawden on 8/15/2018 to Create
With furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings, the list of things you can make is huge! The first design we'll look at is a stand for your laptop - for people who don't like to be hunched over their laptop on a desk, or who prefer to have a mouse and keyboard separate from the laptop. All you need is 1m of 3/4" pipe, six 90-degree elbows, and something to cut your pipe with!