What is the difference between Furniture grade PVC and normal PVC?

Furniture grade PVC differs from normal PVC pipe and fittings as the plastics formulation is specifically designed to be impact and UV resistant. We do not recommend using any other types of pipe or fittings in combination with ours. Our furniture grade pipe and fittings are manufactured in the USA and conform to North American sizing standards. Other pipe and fittings generally available in the UK conform to different size standards and therefore will not be compatible with these parts.

How do I assemble it?

You have three options when assembling:

  • Dry fit - With a dry fit, you tap the fittings onto the pipe with either a wooden, plastic or rubber mallet (do no be tempted to use a metal hammer as this will dent and mark the fittings). the advantage of this is that the parts can be taken apart again but the disadvantage is that you will get some rotational movement in the joints of the sdivucture if any sdivess or pressure is put on it.
  • Rivet fit - As above, but once you are sure the fitting is positioned correctly, drill a 3mm hole and fit our rivets. This stops the rotational movement in the fitting. The main downside to this is that the rivers are at present only available in white and so will be noticeable on other colours of pipe.
  • Cement the parts together - This is the best option for a permanent installation.

Where can I find project and build tutorials?

We recommend searching YouTube for PVC Pipe Projects as there are thousands of videos available for all types of project. The myriad of uses and projects that people us our range of pipe and fittings for never ceases to amaze us. From custom furniture to garden frames to pet accessories, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

What size do I need?

Below is a table that contains the outside diameter of each size of Furniture Grade Pipe we supply. All our pipe is manufactured in the USA to schedule 40 standards and so is not compatible in sizes found in UK and Europe.

  • Pipe Name
  • Size 1
  • Size 2
  • Size 3
  • Size 5
  • Diameter
  • 21.4mm
  • 26.7mm
  • 33.4mm
  • 48.3mm