Make Your Own Christmas Tree This Year!

Posted by Bob Bawden on 12/3/2018 to Create

Making your own Christmas tree, whether you have kids or not, is a great way to make the holidays that bit more special! You can make one small like ours to fit in a bedroom or office if your main tree is too precious to replace!

To make this tree, we cut our pipe to sizes appropriate for the scale of our tree. We used four pieces of pipe, a five-way elbow, four end caps, and four snap clamps to make the base - the snap clamps are used underneath the pieces of pipe to make the tree more stable, as the pipe on its own would not have rested on the surface due to the five-way elbow lifting it up. The rest of the tree is made out of more pieces of pipes, dome caps, end caps, and crosses!

If your tree is likely to get jostled or re-positioned, you can use plastic rivets or self-tapping screws to lock the pipe and fittings in their positions - using these methods means you can then dismantle and store away your tree neatly until you bring it out again next year. If you glue your tree together, you won't be able to dismantle it.

You can take inspiration from our tree and use white pipe and fittings, or you can browse the different colours we supply and try a black, green, or a mixed tree! A simple set of fairy lights made our tree the beautiful, sparkly tree it is in the pictures, but you can choose any kind of lights you like!

We hope you enjoy making your own pretty Christmas tree - send us in any pictures if you make one, we'd love to see your creations!