Making a Laptop Stand out of PVC Pipe

Posted by Bob Bawden on 8/15/2018 to Create
With furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings, the list of things you can make is huge! The first design we'll look at is a stand for your laptop - for people who don't like to be hunched over their laptop on a desk, or who prefer to have a mouse and keyboard separate from the laptop. All you need is 1m of Size 2 (3/4") pipe, six 90-degree elbows, and something to cut your pipe with!

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel - soon we will have informative videos of how to cut, glue, and paint furniture grade PVC pipe!

      Step One!
      To begin with, you'll need to decide on your colour scheme! For
      our design, we chose green pipe and yellow fittings.
      Then, you need to cut your 1m length of Size 2 (3/4") pipe into
      the following sections:
            One section cut at 26.6cm
            Two sections cut at 19cm
            Two sections cut at 8.8cm

      Make sure you have six 90-degree elbow joints of the same size
      as your pipe. So, for our laptop stand, we chose Size 2 (3/4")
      fittings because that is the size of pipe we used. If you don't use
      the same size of pipe and fittings, your design won't fit together
      properly to give you a secure and stable structure to hold your


      Step Two!

      The next step is beginning the assembly of your laptop stand!

      Take the 26.6cm section of pipe and attach one 90-degree
      elbow to each end of the section. 

      Make sure the elbows are facing downwards - as shown in the
      picture on the left.

      Step Three!

      Next, you should insert a 8.8cm section into the remaining holes
      on the two elbow joints you just attached.

      Compare your work-in-progress with the picture on the left and
      make sure they have the same shape!

      Step Four!

      Now, at the end of both the 8.8cm sections, you should attach a
      90-degree elbow.

      Angle the elbows so that the holes are facing the surface under
      your laptop stand. This will lift the stand at this end a little.

      Keep comparing your design to the pictures on the left to make
      sure you are on track!

      Step Five!

      This next step involves inserting the two 19cm sections into the
      holes of the two 90-degree elbows you attached in the previous

      Make sure you haven't changed the angle of the 90-degree
      elbows since the last step. This should mean that the two 19cm
      sections point down towards the surface you are building on,
      lifting your structure higher off the surface.

      Double check your progress against the picture on the left!

      Step Six!

      At the end of both the 19cm sections, attach a 90-degree elbow. 

      Make sure the holes of the elbows face up towards you. 

      Check your design against the picture on the left!

      This is the end of the assembly part! With this step, you have
      created your laptop stand. All that is left to do now is to position
      your laptop on your stand!

      The Final Product!

      Congratulations! If your stand and laptop look like the picture on
      the left, then you've created your own laptop stand!

      There is plenty of space for USB attachments, laptop chargers,
      and HDMI cables to connect to the laptop while it is on the stand.
      Opening the laptop up so that the screen is visible is fine as well.

      Making this laptop stand means that you have something you can
      disassemble and transport to wherever you'd like to use it, you
      can make it any colour scheme you'd like, and you get the
      satisfaction of using something you made with your own hands!