Why Furniture Grade Pipe is Different

Posted by Bob Bawden on 10/29/2018 to Technical
If you have missed information explaining the difference between furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings and normal PVC pipe and fittings, read this blog post to find out!

Furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings are made from a different formula than normal PVC. This formula is more expensive because of the additives in it, but the additives give the pipe and fittings much more structural strength. Normal PVC can become quite hard and brittle in temperatures of and below 4-degrees, and if it takes an impact at this temperature or is put under stress, the pipe can crack. Furniture grade, on the other hand, is much more ductile and impact resistant, so even if you whack it with a mallet, the pipe won't crack or shatter, it will bounce back to its original form, save maybe a dent here or there.

If you would like to see a test of the two types of PVC, you can watch our YouTube video here!